Vive La Vie Soup About Us Our Story

My wife Danielle and I are not only thriving entrepreneurs and an amazing couple, but we’re also devotees to health, nutrition and exercise.We have been living a healthy lifestyle for many years, and because we are strong believers in high quality nutrition, we created products that fit the demanding needs of a busy lifestyle using only vegan, wholesome ingredients that are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats and super foods. Soup for life is our mission here at Vive La Vie Soup! Enjoy and live life to its fullest through the creation of life giving soup, which is what we strive for. The book of Daniel in the bible gives us a clear illustration of what Mother Nature, in its simple form, has provided for us: vegetable.  Let’s see what Chapter 1 of the book of Daniel in its 12th and 13th verses say:

“Please, test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and water to drink. Then compare our appearance with that of the young men who eat the royal food, and treat your servants in accordance with what you see.”

Daniel and his Hebrew friends were so confident about the nutritional value of what Nature had to offer in its natural form, that they were willing to put their lives in peril and disobey the king’s orderWow, this is amazing when you think of the social context in which Daniel and his friends lived and the gut it required to take such a stand. We, at Vive La vie Soup, have experienced first-hand the power of vegetable, beans and peas so much so that we’ve decided to create a new blend of soups that only uses the best and freshest of what Nature has to offer. By combining greens such as Kale, Collard greens and Spinach with the best beans available on the market, we’ve come up with the best soups on the market today. Our soups are naturally gluten and dairy free with no additives, and one hundred percent vegan using locally grown high quality vegetables and herbs. We take advantage of all our local farmers offerings combined with some great hand craftsmanship to prepare an unsurpassed quality and the best available soup on the market or in groceries today. The result is a healthy, life giving soup that remains deliciously nourishing all the way to your bowl.

Our mission is simple, We strive on delivering and providing convenient and healthy soup through our innovative concept of Vive La Vie Soup (French for Joy for life). Our soup contains all the vitamins and nutrients of raw vegetables, the fiber from green produce, super foods, protein and healthy fats. All prepared together creating a perfect meal to fuel your metabolism with a distinctive taste. You will never look at soup the same way again…